Local is, who local does…. 😉

This could have been a line from Forest Gump, which puts it as simple as it gets…

We are proud to present our list of local suppliers of only the best products their industry has to offer. Staying true to the art of being local and living local, we are grateful to have so many outstanding products in our neighborhood. ~ Jeff

2 Crocked Pots (Cohocton)

• Pottery (Plates, Mugs, Jewelry)

4 Js NVR Better BBQ Sauce (Geneva)
• Homemade fruit based BBQ Sauces in different Flavors

Arbor Hill (Naples)
• Grape Gummy Bears, Twists, Juice & Pie Filling
• Arbor Hill Cookbook
• Sauerkraut 
• Sherried Wine BBQ Sauce
• Fruit Preserves
• Wine Jellies
• Dressings
• Spreadable Sauces & Dips

Chuck Hall (Rushville/Florida)
• Hand-carved walking sticks and canes
• Survival Bracelets 

Dawn Marie and George’s Jewelry  (Bath/Florida)
• Hand cut Coin Jewelry

Den Linnehan (Naples)
• Nature Photograph Books 

Dennis Pulver (Naples)
• Wood crafts from Kids Measuring Boards to Food Safe Serving Trays

Faith Davis Ferris (Hammondsport)
• Handcrafted Glass Beads

Flint Creek Soap Company (Naples)
• Handcrafted Soaps
• Lotions
• Bug Repellent
• Hand Cream

Grandma B (North Cohocton)

• Handcrafted Baskets in all shapes and sizes

Greer Alexis Bacon (Prattsburg)
• Children’s Books

Heaven Scent Farm (Cohocton)
• different flavored Jack Cheese Wedges made with milk from 30 grass-fed Jersey Cows

JAVA-Gourmet (Penn Yan)
• JAVA Rubs 
• JAVA Grind
• JAVA Bark

Jessica Santiago (Naples)
• Handcrafted Miniature Corn Husk Doll

 Lemual Clawson (Naples)

• Homemade Bird Suet

• Fence Pole Bird Feeders

• Norwegian Log Candles

• Pallet Shelves

• Grape Tray Wine Racks and Shelves

Mama Bucks Brittle (Dansville)
• Homemade Brittle’s in different flavors

Mountain Rise Granola (Naples)
• 100% USDA Organic Granola

Nana’s Toppings (Syracuse)
• Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge Topping 

Naples Valley Honey (Naples)
• Pure Honey
• Natural Honey Combs

Nordic Farms (Branchport)
• Homemade Jam’s and Jellies  

Nature Artist Susan Burley (Atlanta)
• Hand-painted Turkey Feathers
• Hand-painted Maple and Grape Leaves

Nunda Mustards (Nunda)
• Homemade Mustard’s   

On Hand Lotions (Naples)
• Lip Balms
• Scrubs
• Lotion Bars
• Bug screen
• Cream Sticks

• Deodorant 

Rick Lynn (North Cohocton)
• Hand crafted Growler Carrier for Growlers and more

Seneca Salt Company (Penn Yan)
• Seneca Salt
• Seneca Salt Bark

Skip ‘N’ Stitches (Naples)
• Stylish hand crocheted, handmade fashion accessories for all ages

Stephanie Marshall (Naples)

• Pottery like Honey pots and Sugar Dishes

The Captains Retreat (Wayland)

• Wood crafts from Toys, Food Safe Bowls and Cutting Boards to The Green of the Finger Lakes Plaques

Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm (Naples)

• Pure Maple Syrup
• Maple Hard Candy
• Granulated Maple Sugar
• Maple Granola
• Maple Cream Spread
• Maple Mustard

Woodstead Sauces (Naples)

• Homemade Hot Anything and Everything Sauce

• Sweet and Spicee Glaze

Also we are proud to carry these special and unique products made in Upstate New York…

Art by Rena (Bolivar)
• Greeting Cards painted with colored Pencils and Paste

East Hill Creamery (Perry)
• raw-milk, grass-fed cheese from milk from the family farm

• specialized in cave aged Alpine-style cheeses

Northern Lights (Wellsville)
• Electric Wax Melt Warmer
• Wax Melts
• Candles (in Mugs, Jelly Jars, Mason Jars)

• Fire starters