About the Store

History of “The Olde Country Store” of North Cohocton

According to the Cohocton Historical Society
The Wetmore Brothers had a store in North Cohocton (Bloods Corners) as far back as 1849. The Cohocton Historical Society has a “Day Book” of N.A. Wetmore dated 1863 which lists accounts for area residents and what they purchased and how much they paid or traded for goods.

1873 – Present Store was built by Nelson Wetmore

1898 – Store owned by Henry Wolfanger & Henry Pierce. They named the store “Wolfanger & Pierce” but it was lovingly known as the “Store of the two Hanks”.

1913 – Henry Wolfanger was sole owner of the store after Henry Pierce died. He then renamed it “Wolfanger’s Store”. ~ Henry Wolfanger retired in 1955.

1951 – Charles & Marion Briglin took over the store for Henry Wolfanger. When Charles Briglin died, his son Robert Briglin became part owner and the name changed to “Briglin’s Olde Country Store”. Robert Briglin was the one who installed the barn wood and he and his wife added the ‘Early American’ theme and items for sale upstairs.

1977 – Frank and Kathleen Duserick became owners and named the store “Duserick’s Olde Country Store”.

1983 – Thomas and Ellen Park are the owners and call the store “Park’s Olde Country Store”.

1993 – Susan Carmen Wissick is the owner and changes the name to “Kinfolks Olde Country Store”.

1996 – Judith Coats owns the store and keeps the name “Kinfolks Country Store”. In 1999 the store celebrated 150 years. April 2008 the store was closed for the first time in its history.

2011 – Jack Bolster and James Conrad purchased the store and repaired the roof, the windows and painted the outside.

2015 – The Wells family, Jeffrey H. Wells with daughters Jennifer (Jenny) and Denise, reopen (after 7 long years) on July 4th, offering local food and craft items as well as imported German specialties and original glass (hand blown) Christmas ornaments formed in molds used over 100 years ago. They rename the store “The Olde Country Store and More – 1849”

2019 – (Planned) 170 year celebration of the “Olde Country Store”