Bird Glass Ornament


Hand decorated Glass Ornaments made in Lauscha, Germany.

All Ornaments with three dots are made in the original molds that are over 100 years old and were passed down from generation to generation.


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Birds are a symbol of the physical soul and of free thoughts. Even in ancient times little bird represented the soul. But as varied as the bird life is, so different is their symbolic character. The pigeons stand for love, peace, purity and innocence. Turtledoves promised tenderness and fidelity. Storks are the herald of spring and symbol of awakening life. The peacock is seen as a paradise bird. He is a symbol of heaven and immortality. But the peacocks also said to have magical powers. Owls are birds of Wisdom. A rooster stands for diligence, a blackbird for temptation of the flesh and the Swan for courage, noble origin and purity. Is there a nest with robins near a house, it promises the family peace in their home. If a bird’s nest found in cut down Christmas tree, it means home and security, warmth and happiness. All these birds decorate as figures or ornaments our Christmas tree and transmitted when viewing their magic on us.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 in

Red, Blue, Green


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